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My experience is in organizing the multi-centered research projects and risk management in difficult professional conditions. My mission is providing better oral health services and motivations especially to children and adolescents. Teaching and finding new scientific based applications of lasers in dentistry is what I am following as my vision which hopefully will be leaded to official associate professorship degree in RWTH Aachen Hospital till 2010. For this purpose I am now advising several master candidates for conducting some studies in this field. My post doctorate projects in university of California, Irvine will help to modify the classical routine ways for diagnosis and treating of treating the pulpal diseases of primary dentition.



Future is in the hand of those who have the best connection with the right people. Working with Japanese, Germans, Russians, Americans and representatives of several other countries gave me a wide variety of educational, academic, professional and cultural ideas and methods. In the aim of having more sparkling resultsat the best framework of time, it would be logical to honor, appreciate and learn from good professors & friends, and to educate interested students; with the vision of respecting all nationalities.





Scientific exchange:
From 05 Oct 2007  parallel post doctoral research fellow: RWTH Aachen, Germany and University of California, Irvine; USA

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